Marketing Agencies and Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns


Digital marketing has a wide scope which is spectacular. It includes a variety of things. SEO, content creation, social media, email, and messaging apps are all a part of digital marketing. All this is driven by the users. The advertisers are learning to follow them.

Attracting consumers with a single channel does not create as much impact. Companies must branch out via multiple avenues to deliver the message to create a successful digital marketing campaign.

What is an integrated marketing agency?

An agency that specializes in several digital services is an integrated marketing agency. It makes strategy and produces holistic results. Different channels have different strengths. Integrated marketing agency knows how to make use of these strengths.

This agency efficiently produces results. Integrated marketing agencies have talent as well as a production model. They aim to focus on solutions instead of service delivery.

Benefits of working with an agency

Quick and flexible

An integrated marketing agency has diverse skills. An integrated agency is likely to give faster results. Through the agency model, firms can look at their issues and opportunities through a neutral lens. There are numerous ways to serve different clients.

Keep a clear message.

When working with an integrated marketing agency, your campaign message is noticed by people. Users are going to see your campaign message throughout the day. Users will remember you if they see the same message on a YouTube ad, then a LinkedIn ad, Instagram ad, etc., the brand will be recognized, and this will create brand awareness among customers.

Combining all marketing efforts

In the case of an integrated marketing agency, you can find everything. You don’t have to hire one agency for content writing, another for PPC, another for SEO, and so on. You get everything done in one place. Apart from this, there is also a team to help you with your campaign. The team will share information and ideas with you regarding your campaign.

Team of experts

You will find it beneficial, especially if you do not have any experience with digital marketing strategies. It can be difficult to create an efficient and cohesive marketing campaign. By hiring an integrated marketing agency, you won’t have to worry about your campaign being ruined. People working in these agencies are knowledgeable in their field. They have the proper skills, knowledge, and expertise to run your campaign.

Why are Integrated Marketing Campaigns effective?

As per Google, marketing leaders are likely to have integrated marketing and technology stacks. Anyone would expect successful brands to have a more unified front.

Integrated digital marketing channels may sound similar to omnichannel efforts. In both cases, you want your audience to do something. It could be buying products through different platforms.

Integrated digital marketing campaigns are a step ahead of the omnichannel market. Integrated digital marketing campaigns ensure each part of the operation delivers a common message to the customers.

Integrated digital marketing campaigns from reputable marketing agencies are effective for several reasons:

Greater reach

Integrated methods help you to reach more people as compared to single-channel marketing campaigns. It is easier to reach more people about your products and services with integrated methods.


Marketing via one channel can boost presence on other channels as well. Companies that have substantial social media traffic see their search results ranking rising.


With integrated marketing campaigns, it is easy to share and repurpose material from one channel to another.

Reputation and trust

It is essential to present yourself similarly on competing channels. Presenting differently creates confusion. Integrating the messages to present a unified front generates trust.

The goal of Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications is all about meeting customers where they are. An integrated agency has the capability of creating quality content on different platforms. An integrated team requires the support of a technical team, such as web developers and designers.

Doing Integrated Marketing Well

Several guiding principles must be kept in mind when creating an integrated marketing strategy.

Consider the transition experience.

Multichannel marketing is used to make the customer experience more compelling. The integration must be genuine. Otherwise, it can feel heavy.

You want to convert the customers who see your products on social media. You have to forward them to your website so that consumers can make the purchase.

Sending the consumers directly to your home page can be confusing for them. The consumer wants to learn more about a product initially. It’ll be helpful if they are led to a product-specific page that provides more information and details.

Even for billboards, seamless transition experiences are important. Billboards often have discount information like ‘’20% off’’. This way, customers can find the same offer when they visit your website.

Marketing managers communicate with each other.

To manage an integrated multichannel marketing campaign, multiple stakeholders from the organization needed to work together. All the stakeholders must be on the same page. If not, the campaign won’t be integrated.

Ensure that all people agree on the fundamentals and details of the message. Everyone must follow a central plan.

Overlapping your channels

Overlap your channels wherever it is possible.

  • Include social sharing buttons on your blogs. This way, users can share the blog with other people.
  • Include QR codes on all the physical advertisements
  • Ensure to include links on your social media pages to your products and bios
  • Make sure to include your email address on your social media handles

An Integrated Marketing Case Study of Old Spice

Old Spice was one of the most popular brands in the US. The brand was in trouble around ten years ago.

After that, Old Spice started its comprehensive rebranding journey. Old Spice created a new persona for itself. It developed a more playful persona and promoted itself on every available platform.  The image became masculine and rebellious from old and stuffy.

TV advertising gained fame and came first. After that, YouTube clips and Instagram pictures of people using the products started coming. Everyone could see that the brand had started anew.

Old Spice ended up re-establishing itself. It became a leading toiletries brand. It’s still going strong. This is one example of a savvy integrated marketing approach.

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