What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

Earlier marketing strategy for a product was done through print media-newspapers, magazine day-to-day usage of customers, but with the technology revolution, it shifted to digital platforms like Email, and ever since then there has been no looking back. This marketing strategy has been around for more than a decade now. 

Did you know? On an average day, around 290 billion emails are sent out and this figure will go up to 347 billion by the year 2023.

An email marketing strategy is an important part of any marketing strategy, it is the most cost-efficient form of marketing strategy. On average if you invest $1 in email marketing you can expect a return of $51. Email marketing must not promote in promoting your products but also helps to communicate with customers and reach your business goals. 

Effective Email marketing converts prospects into customers, and one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Why is email marketing important to your business?

Despite there being our trash box full of unsolicited spam emails, email marketing strategy remains the most effective way to nurture leads if it is used effectively.

      • Email marketing strategy is the communication channel

    Around 99%of the people check their email daily. This being such a large number by using email marketing the communication with the customer becomes easy.

        • Email marketing has higher concerts

      Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%, though you may think that social media marketing has higher rates, the average order value of email marketing is at least three times more than that of social media marketing. People who buy products through email marketing spend 138% more than those who do not receive email.

      Step-by-step guide for building an effective email marketing

      Any marketing strategy is only effective if it is backed with a plan, you need to observe and work on each step and correlate and put it to use by your product

          • By building a target list

          • By using an email service provider

          • Using the personalized email option

          • By improving your email content 

          • Optimizing for Mobile users

        Building customer target list

        Marketing is all about being present at the right place at the right time, and email marketing is the best example of it. You can start any marketing campaign if you don’t have an idea of who your target audience is.

        The first step of building this list is capturing leads and adding them to your target list and then slowly growing that list. You can also use highly advance targeting rules to grow your list.

            • Using the lead magnet to build your list.

          A lead magnet is done by collecting information from your customers when they visit your website and in return, you could provide them with some offers

          Some popular Lead magnet Examples are:

              • Coupons

              • Free trial or Samples

              • Webinars

              • ebooks

              • Nominal discount offers

            Email Service Provider

            After building your list the next step is segregation and organization of the list. With the help of ESP, you can segment your customers, organize your list and distribute email campaigns accordingly. A good ESP helps you to integrate your email marketing strategy with other marketing tools and help you to turn everything on autopilot mode. You can start the autopilot mode by using auto responders this one of the most powerful tools in Email marketing.

            Personalized Email Marketing

            Most marketers tell you to build a list but what they don’t tell is that your Email marketing strategy will not be effective if it’s not properly segregated. 

            What is Email Segmentation?

            Email list segmentation is the process of breaking your list into smaller groups based on specific criteria so that you can send more personalized emails to your customers. This will increase your email open rates, boost your click-through rates, and will decrease your unsubscribe user. You can segregate the list in this order

                • New subscribers

                • Product Preferences

                • Interests 

                • Location

                • Open rate

                • Inactivity.

              Improving your email content

              You may think that by sending your target audience your email and them opening it you may have won the battle but effective marketing starts now. If your subscription is convinced enough by your email then only there is a chance of him opening it again in the future and then only you can convert that prominent into a customer.

              Simple ways to improve your content

                  • Linking incredibly valuable resource, maybe a link to your webinar or free ebook

                  • You could also do this by including some humor in your content.

                It’s important to know the liking of your customers and what they will respond to. If you understand your audience and know about their likes and dislikes, it will be easier for you to pull off an joke and get a response to your email. 

                You could also insert a funny GIF in your emails, or a funny video to get their attention.  

                Optimizing for Mobile users

                There are around 67% of people checking their email on mobile phones. Hence you simply can’t afford to ignore your mobile users.

                Effective ways of appealing to mobile users

                    • Keep the formatting simple

                    • Use large fonts

                    • Use large call-to-action buttons.

                    • Use smaller images

                    • Don’t place two links too closely so it becomes difficult for the users.

                  The key should be you are not sending these emails just for the sake of it. Every time you are sending out an email you need to deliver something valuable. The higher value your email is delivering, the more loyal your customers will become, and exponentially your open rate will increase.

                  Any marketing strategy can only be effective if you stay consistent with it. Email marketing is one such strategy that requires your creativity(the content of the email) and science(understanding of tools). This will only be effective if you apply these two the right way based on your business. 

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